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Are you getting a divorce? Do you need help with custody, alimony or marital property? Regardless of what specific family-related matter you have, a skilled and experienced lawyer can answer your questions and help you move forward toward a better future.

"It's not about breaking families up. I think of my job as helping people restructure their families to work better moving forward." — Attorney Rebecca Perry

Family law attorney Rebecca Perry takes a straightforward and rational approach to resolving family law matters in North Carolina. If you need help resolving a family-related issue, contact Greensboro, North Carolina, divorce attorney Rebecca Perry to discuss your case.

Reliable and Professional Legal Services

At our firm, we provide reliable legal advice, dedicated representation and creative solutions in:

Whether we are helping you negotiate issues arising from separation or taking swift and decisive action to protect our clients from domestic violence, we maintain professionalism, dignity and a commitment to the highest ethical standards. Hundreds of families have benefited and continue to thrive as a result of our approach.

Fighting Is Not the Only Option

Rebecca Perry is a skilled litigator, eminently qualified to take your case to court. However, we prefer to employ honest, direct negotiation and collaborative law techniques that enable our clients to achieve their goals while maintaining control of the process. As an added benefit, negotiated settlements save time and money, which is better spent on building your new life.

If you are involved in a divorce or family law dispute, or if you are considering legally restructuring your family in any way, we can offer you the intelligent legal advice and comprehensive representation you need.

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