Separation and Divorce: Why Win the Battle but Lose the War?


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Ultimately, when you declare war in divorce or marital separation, everybody loses. This is especially true when there are children involved. Rebecca Perry uses proven collaborative law techniques to provide custom-tailored solutions in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and professionalism.

While we have the experience, skill and qualifications to take your case to trial, we are almost always able to find a creative solution that avoids the necessity for litigation. Why do we work so hard to settle your case fairly and equitably out of court?

  • Trials are expensive. We know you have better things to spend your money on, such as building a new and better future for yourself and your children.
  • Trials can be frustrating and time consuming. At this difficult time, we work to avoid further chaos and disruption in your life.
  • In a trial, the judge has all the control. We know our clients appreciate being more in control of the process and the outcome. After all, no one knows better than you what will and will not work for you and your family.

If you are interested in exploring a rational and respectful approach to resolving issues arising out of a separation, please contact us today for a consultation with the experienced North Carolina family law attorney Rebecca Perry at Greensboro Family Law.

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Attorney Rebecca Perry can offer you intelligent legal advice and thoroughly experienced representation in all the important questions pertaining to the dissolution of your marriage, including:

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