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Legal Name Change · Writing a Will · Refinancing a Home

There is still a lot of work to do after a divorce is finalized — other than a legal name change, if applicable. A legal name change is actually one of the easier steps to take after a divorce. Rebecca Perry, in Greensboro, will help you with the legal name change process as we guide you through the other important legal steps you should take after your divorce is finalized.

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Changing Your Estate Plan

Assuming you no longer wish to leave the bulk of your assets to your former spouse, you should probably update your estate plan during the separation period while the divorce is pending. In addition to a will and any necessary trusts, your estate plan should include information about the following topics, which you may need to negotiate with your former spouse:

  • Who will care for the children in the event one or both parents die?
  • What type of financial provisions will each parent make for the financial care of the children? How do you want those funds to be handled? For example, do you want your life insurance proceeds to go into a trust for the sole benefit of your children or do you want the funds distributed directly to your former spouse for the benefit of the children?
  • Do you want to appoint a power of attorney for the benefit of your child? This kind of power of attorney gives a nonparent the right to take certain actions on the child's behalf such as enroll him or her in school and transact business on his or her behalf. It can be a useful legal document for single parents to have, especially if the other parent is absent or deceased.
  • To whom do you want to give power of attorney on your own behalf? In the past, you may have named your spouse as the person you entrust with medical decisions if you become incapacitated. You may wish to change that designation.

Buying a House · Selling a House · Refinancing a House

Almost every divorce includes some kind of real estate transaction as part of the agreement regarding the division of property. We can refer you to our real estate colleagues with other Greensboro firms that can help you close any type of divorce-related real estate transaction:

  • Refinancing a house in order to change the names on a mortgage
  • Selling a family home and negotiating the division of the proceeds
  • Buying a new home with favorable mortgage terms

What if My Ex Breaks the Divorce Judgment?

After a divorce, it is not uncommon for life to take a dramatic turn. Whether you are moving out of state or battling with your ex over the terms of your original custody or support agreement, it is wise to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

  • Enforcing the terms of the agreement: If your ex begins violating the terms of the divorce order, your first inclination might be to try to settle the matter yourself. Through either lengthy discussions or withholding visitation until they pay support, you might think you have resolved the dispute. However, your discussions are not legally binding. Contact a lawyer to see what legal options you have to hold your ex accountable.
  • Modifying a divorce order: Much like the above, you might need to amend the terms of the original divorce agreement — but a verbal agreement with your ex is simply not enough. If you are attempting to change support payments, the parenting plan or are planning to relocate, it is crucial that you work through the legal system to ensure the modifications are properly worded and legally binding.

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