From separation and divorce, to adoption, to domestic partnership, to donor and surrogacy agreements, Rebecca Perry at Camino Law can provide you with the thoughtful legal counsel and dedicated representation you need and deserve when you are in the process of restructuring your family.

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An Overview of Our Family Law Practice

Divorce : We offer sound legal advice and creative, individualized solutions to the difficult issues that may arise during the marriage dissolution process and after your divorce. Learn more about divorce in North Carolina, including the no-fault divorce process.

Alimony : North Carolina courts have great discretion when awarding alimony. The amount awarded and the duration of payments can depend on your lawyer's ability to advocate for your interests and a full understanding of North Carolina alimony law.

Child custody and support : The interests of children in divorce are of paramount importance. They deserve to be protected by a lawyer with a commitment to crafting fair and workable child custody, visitation and child support solutions.

Division of marital property : Negotiating a marital property settlement agreement may be relatively simple or very complex, especially if the divorcing spouses have more than one home or ownership interests in family businesses or professional practices. At Camino Law, we can handle the most difficult issues in property division.

Domestic violence : We can take immediate action to stop domestic violence by bringing to bear the full force of North Carolina domestic violence law.

Collaborative law : Cooperation, negotiation and creative problem-solving are the key strengths of the collaborative family law process.

Domestic partnership : We help unmarried couples pursue the legal protections made possible by a domestic partnership. We also represent clients in negotiations to dissolve a domestic partnership.

Separation agreements : The vast majority of separating couples in North Carolina resolve issues of custody, support and property division through private agreements, without the intervention of the courts. Proper drafting of the agreement by an experienced family law attorney like Rebecca Perry is essential to avoid future disputes over the meaning of the agreement and ensure enforceability of the terms.

Adoption, insemination and surrogacy : We can assist you in adding to your family through the addition of a child, through adoption, donor insemination or surrogacy.

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