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Greensboro, North Carolina, Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence rarely stops on its own, even after a divorce, legal separation or the end of a domestic partnership. In many cases, only the immediate and determined intervention of an experienced family law attorney and dedicated advocate for victims of domestic violence can stop the cycle.

We will stand beside you and help you understand your options under the North Carolina domestic violence laws. For the smart legal advice and effective representation you need, contact domestic violence attorney, Rebecca Perry, at Greensboro Family Law.

Prevent Domestic Violence With an Order of Protection

A domestic violence protective order, also known as a “50B Order,” is designed to provide local law enforcement and the victims of domestic assault, intimidation or harassment with a tool for stopping violence. Even if your attacker is not your spouse, you may be protected; orders of protection may be issued against any member of the same household, whether you are married or not.

If domestic violence has occurred or been threatened, family law attorney Rebecca Perry can step in immediately to help you file for a protective order to prevent further domestic violence.

We can also assist you in obtaining a “50C Order,” also known as an anti-stalking or civil no-contact order. Unlike a 50B Order, a 50C Order can be filed against a harasser with whom you have not shared a household or familial relationship. This can include other family members or third parties.

Defense From Accusations of Domestic Violence

Attorney Rebecca Perry also defends clients who have been accused of domestic violence. If a protective order has been filed against you, we will work to protect your rights to have the order removed.

Call a Guilford County Restraining Order Lawyer

To discuss the particulars of your case and your legal options for stopping domestic violence or false allegations of violence, contact Guilford County restraining order attorney Rebecca Perry online to schedule a completely confidential consultation.