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Collaborative law is often a good middle-of-the-road approach to resolving the important issues that arise when couples separate. It's usually a lot less expensive and stressful than taking a case to court.Attorney Rebecca Perry

Collaborative law is a process that uses specially trained attorneys to assist families with the emotional, financial and legal aspects of separation, divorce and co-parenting children.

Parties and their attorneys involved in collaborative law commit to a voluntary set of ground rules. While the details vary from collaborative lawyer to collaborative lawyer, the central idea is that the lawyers agree in advance they will not take the case to trial.

Studies show that a collaborative settlement is reached faster than other forms of negotiation and greatly reduces the emotional trauma families experience in divorce, especially children.

Collaborative law minimizes or eliminates the negative consequences of adversarial litigation in the family arena by:

  • Avoiding litigation
  • Coordinating problem-solving
  • Minimizing conflict
  • Providing legal representation and emotional support of each individual
  • Minimizing attorneys fees and fees for ancillary experts
  • Addressing short-term and long-term financial concerns

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Our Approach to Collaborative Family Law

We begin by laying the framework for the process; establishing goals, a list of documents to exchange and scheduling four-way conferences (you, your lawyer, your former partner and his or her lawyer). The purpose of these conferences is to bring the parties together and to attack the important issues one at a time in a calm and rational manner.

Many times, the four-way conferences are issue-specific. For example, we might agree to come to an agreement about custody and child support before we attempt to tackle the issue of property division.

We don't try to resolve every dispute in one day, but that does not mean the process has to move slowly. The collaborative law environment provides a structure in which you and your lawyer determine the pace, often based on the amount of work you put into preparation and your commitment to reaching a fair agreement.

Collaborative law is a framework in which you can maintain a higher degree of control, hands-on participation and input into the ultimate outcome of your divorce. It can certainly be a quicker, cheaper, less emotionally taxing option than protracted litigation.

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